5 Week Beginners Yoga Deal

22 October 2018

Unlimited classes! Includes up to 6 beginners classes per week for 5 weeks

Iyengar yoga beginners class

St.Kilda Yoga School, Since 1989

The next beginners course begins throughout the week starting 19th February with 6 classes running each week for the 5 weeks. Take advantage of this Beginners Yoga Deal at St Kilda Yoga School, attend any or all of the 30 yoga classes during this 5 week beginners Yoga course.

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Beginners Yoga Classes at Convenient Times

This yoga deal enables you to attend any of our 6 beginner yoga classes each week. We have classes available at different times to ensure whatever your schedule you manage to benefit from regular yoga practice. So you don’t fall behind, St Kilda Yoga School recommends that you start within the first two weeks of the course.

Beginners Course
Beginners Course
Beginners Course
Beginnners Course
Beginners Course
Beginners Course

5 Week Beginners Course with Unlimited Classes

The 5 week Beginner Yoga Course is the foundation course for all new students of SKYS, who have not done Iyengar Yoga previously. You will be introduced to the Iyengar Yoga System with all its anatomical and physiological benefits. It will ensure that you receive a solid, firm and safe foundation to begin yoga practice.

As a beginner yoga student attending an Iyengar class, you work to your own capacity. At beginners level, students are introduced to the primary asanas including standing postures such as the triangle pose ‘Utthita Trikonasana’, which help develop strength, stability, stamina, concentration and alignment. These standing poses are vital to the development of the more advanced poses, in particular the inverted poses such as the shoulder stand ‘Salamba Sarvangasana’. The beginner is introduced to them gradually, with props if needed and careful supervision by the teacher.

The Beginner Yoga Courses are run at regular intervals; approximately every 5 weeks. It is really a taste of the results that can be achieved with the ongoing practice of Yoga. After the completion of the 5 week beginner yoga course and if the student is ready, he/she moves up to the next level (Level 1 Class), where, he/she really gets a grasp of the true potential and benefits of the regular practise of Iyengar Yoga.

Various Iyengar yoga backbend preparation poses

Asanas are worked up to gradually based on students level of ability

What Our Students Say About St Kilda Yoga School…

“I have been going to SKYS yoga now for a little over 3 years. There’s always a lovely warm atmosphere and the teachers are very friendly. Their experience and insight have helped me improve my practice over time. I feel amazing, energised and bright after I come out of every class. The benefits of the practice to my mental and physical health are incredible.”

Jen Simons
iyengar yoga using props sitting twist

“I have been going to SKYS since 2009 after a series of chiropractor sessions for my twisted pelvis.

I particularly chose Iyengar yoga because of its focus on proper alignment.

And I thought doing an active exercise such as yoga would be much better than passive treatment such as chiro adjustments.

I found the teachers are very knowledgeable and very passionate about yoga.

I could feel the difference in my body if I miss a class. I cannot imagine myself not doing yoga.”

Daniel Setiawan
iyengar yoga rehabilitate and strengthen the lower back

“I have been practising Iyengar Yoga with SKYS for over four years. As a mature person, and a latecomer to yoga, I have found the practice invaluable to me on all physical, mental and philosophical levels. It is suited to all ages and its success is due to the mindful guidance and the integrity of the institution’s trained teachers.”

Pamela Jackson
iyengar yoga class headstand

Attending Classes at SKYS

Founded in 1989, we bring the light into your yoga practice. Centrally located, St Kilda Yoga Studio is easily accessible from all parts of the City of Melbourne. Enjoy a modern, spacious yoga studio with all equipment provided, including mats. Enjoy this beginner’s yoga deal on Acland Street and grab a coffee after on one of the most famous Melbourne coffee streets. If you are unsure if Iyengar Yoga is right for you, why not come along for a casual class before committing to the 5 Week Beginners Course. Casual classes are $15.
COST for the 5 Week Beginners Course $120 / EARLY BIRD PRICE $95 (available online)
Join us for this special introductory offer and enhance your wellbeing today!

SKYS certified Iyengar teachers

SKYS teachers are highly trained and certified, and receive ongoing training with head teacher Simon Marrocco

For any enquiries, please email or ring the school 0470 361 421. Alternatively, you can also contact Simon on 0431 949 122.