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Yoga Gift Card from St Kilda Yoga School.

St Kilda Yoga School is one of the best Iyengar Yoga Studios in Melbourne, located at Suite 12/82 Acland Street, St Kilda.
Whether you're looking for gift ideas for friends or family or just treating yourself!
A Yoga Gift Certificate is suitable for any occasion, from Christmas gifts to Mothers Day gifts and Fathers Day gifts, or they make a unique present for someone special.
The friend or family member who receives your gift can credit whatever amount you give towards any of our yoga courses or classes they choose. For example, if you give a $50 voucher, then our Beginner Course will cost them just $46. Or they can make other choices from our many classes.
A gift idea that is suitable for every person and every age and every fitness level.
If you are buying for yourself, you can use the links in the following section for Beginners or Direct Debit passes.
We have gift cards for any amount. 
Yoga Gift Ideas

Our Yoga Gift Certificates: can be used for any yoga class.

At St Kilda Iyengar Yoga School we offer quality, yet cheap yoga to everyone.

For Beginners we offer great deals on our 6 week beginner yoga courses

Regular yoga can help reduce stress, anxiety and disease risk. Physically, it will help you relax, fell rejuvenated, flexible and fit.

Yoga Classes at Convenient Times

We have classes available at different times to ensure whatever your schedule you manage to benefit from regular yoga practise.

Please note, class times are subject to change.

9.30-10.45am 10am
7.15pm 7.15pm 6.15pm

Address Parking & What You Need to Know Before You Come to Class

Address: Address: Suite 12/82 Acland Street, St Kilda, Vic, 3182.
Our Studio is close to corner of Carlisle St. Go up the stairs until you see the sign to SKYS.

Parking for St Kilda Yoga School
Free 2 hr parks around Acland Street at the back of Coles especially in Havelock Street. Some all day free parking on Barkly St (on the left side), & some parts of Carlisle St (on the left side). Also, all around the St Kilda Botanical Gardens is free all day.

There is ticketed parking in the Lower Esplanade between the Palais Theatre & Luna Park.
Try also the parking in Spencer and Chaucer St around the Peanut Farm Reserve or Park. You may also find something around the Woolworths on Chaucer St. or the Coles on the corner of Barkly & Acland St.
Driving is easy & quick along the coast from Fishermans Bend, Beacon Cove, & Port Melbourne.

Disabled Parking beside the classic Palais Theatre
There are a limited number of disabled parking places in front of the Palais theatre in Lower Esplanade and to the side of the theatre in Cavell Street. Cars displaying a Category 1 disabled parking permit (blue permit) are exempt from paying parking fees in any of the Council parking areas around the theatre.

Things you need to know for your first class

Don't worry, you don’t have to be fit or flexible. You don’t need special yoga clothes and you don’t even need a yoga mat. 

Turn up 10-15 minutes early, and wear comfortable clothes. 

If you have questions, or for any reason you cannot buy your Beginner's Pass online, please call Simon on 0431 949 122.

The Reasons Everyone Should Try Iyengar Yoga.Yoga gift card

At our yoga studio we teach Iyengar yoga which is a style of Hatha yoga. The advantages of Iyengar include:

  • All yoga classes, including Beginner classes, are taught in carefully planned levels, which means you learn step by step
  • Iyengar Instructors give clear instruction that details how to get into the poses
  • Because of the clear instruction, you do the poses correctly rather than just rushing through them. Knowing how to do the poses properly gives you independence to practice correctly at home
  • Props are used at all levels, so you can easily get into the postures no matter what level of flexibility you have
  • Postures are taught in steps so they are easier to do and learn, and therefore get benefits from. Most other types of studios don't break postures into appropriate steps and stages
  • The teachers take the time to assist, and know how important it is to do so
  • Iyengar teachers are trained for a minimum 400 hours, over three years. Many teachers in other yoga styles have just a fraction this training. Having less training means less knowledge to pass on, and can't offer you as much help or instruction
  • Over time, you are trained in how to do inverted postures like shoulder stand. A significant proportion of yoga benefits come from inversions. Most other studios, do not do inversions, or don't do them correctly
  • There is a much smaller chance of injury with the Iyengar method, because of the way we teach our poses, we build our practise from the ground up. We are able to do this using the graded levels at which you are introduced to postures and the detailed instruction that from teachers
  • Hot yoga excludes a large number of people with conditions such as pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause (hot flushes etc) because the over-heated room is unsuitable or even unhealthy for these conditions.  The Iyengar method is inclusive and has a systematic process to help all students do yoga no matter their conditions. 

What others say St Kilda Yoga School, and Iyengar yoga

"I have been going to sky's yoga now for a little over 3 years. There's always a lovely warn atmosphere and the teachers are always very friendly. Their experience and insight have helped me improve my practice over time. I always feel amazing, energised and bright after I come out of every class. The benefits of the practice to my mental and physical health are incredible."

Jen Simons
"I have been going to SKYS since 2009 after a series of chiropractor sessions for my twisted pelvis. 
I particularly chose Iyengar yoga because of its focus on proper alignment.
And I thought doing an active exercise such as yoga would be much better than passive treatment such as chiro adjustments.
I found the teachers are very knowledgeable and very passionate about yoga.
I could feel the difference in my body if I miss a class. I cannot imagine myself not doing yoga."
Daniel Setiawan
"I have been practising IYENGAR Yoga with SKYS for over four years.  As a mature person, and a latecomer to yoga, I have found the practice invaluable to me on all physical, mental and philosophical levels.  It is suited to all ages and its success is due to the mindful guidance and the integrity of the institution's trained teachers.

Pamela Jackson

Gift Cards are only available online via this website.
It cannot be done at the studio in cash, or any other way. But you can always do it online via your phone.