Live Iyengar Classes Online

We’re offering live yoga classes so you can continue to practice at home.

  • Our classes won’t be pre-recorded, they will be live!
  • Available from any location or timezone
  • Maintain social connection and calm your nervous system

Using Zoom as the video platform, the teacher will be able to see students with their web cameras on, while they practice and receive feedback in real-time as if the instructor is right there in the room.


How to use Zoom

Download and install Zoom to the device you will use to attend the class, such as iPhone or iPad, laptop or PC or Android.

  • Zoom will use your device’s camera to share a video of you with the teacher
  • Once installed, you can test Zoom by “Starting a New Meeting” with yourself. See how you’ll appear on video to the teacher. 
  • Book the class you want to attend below, and you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link and passcode that you will use to join the class.

Preparing your yoga space

  • Clear a well-lit space at home, ideally with a blank wall behind you
  • Place your mat at least 2-3 metres and horizontal from your camera so the teacher can see you seated or standing
  • Students will need a mat, two blocks, a blanket and a strap to participate. See FAQs below if you don’t have props.

Joining the class

  • 5-10 mins before class, click the link in your confirmation email to enter the virtual ‘Waiting Room.’ We will welcome you in
  • Have your video switched on, and turn your audio off when class commences.


Troubleshooting tips

Confirmation email

  • make sure you check the email account that you booked the class with, it seems obvious but we all tend to have multiple emails nowadays.
  • check all the folders in your account including Junk, Promotions, Updates etc
  • book class at least 1 hour before it starts. If the confirmation email doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes contact

Internet connection stability

  • for best internet connection, close all your other browsers on your phone, iPad or computer.
  • if you share your wifi with other people, ask them to avoid streaming video or games while you’re in class.
  • if your connection is wavering, try turning your video off within the Zoom class, this may help.
  • if your connection drops out, click on the link in your confirmation email to re-enter the Zoom.


Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t have any props at home?

A yoga mat is essential, and with some creativity there are items around the household that can be used in-place of props. Please tell the teacher on arrival to the class if you don’t have yoga props.

Bolster = triple-fold blankets or beach towels
Blocks = a thick book

How much are classes?

All live online classes are $15 and need to be pre-paid. There are no ‘class packs’ and regular class passes with the physical school cannot be used to pay for online classes. 

What if I pay for a class and then cannot attend?

You can re-schedule to another class if you do so at least 1 hour prior to the class. No refunds.

Will classes be recorded?

Classes will not be recorded and we request that students do not record the classes for privacy reasons. 

What if I’ve never done yoga before?

Iyengar Yoga is a style of yoga that is particularly suited to beginners. Teachers are trained to break down poses for you, so you can slowly learn at your own pace.

Have a question?

Drop us an email at or call Director Simon on 0431 949 122.