1Understanding Iyengar Yoga: Pranayama

Understanding Iyengar Yoga: Pranayama

Jul 17, 2017

UDDIYANA KRIYA – MULADHARA KRIYA includes the ASWINI KRIYA- JALANDHARA KRIYA The breath is a gift you don’t own the breath but you very much own the breath, yogis used to measure their lives in breaths. Use the diaghphram, slightly pulls down in inhalation, relaxes on exhalation LANGUAGE OF YOGA- COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BODY AND MIND […]

2The Four Primary Asanas

The Four Primary Asanas

Jul 17, 2017

  1. TADASANA – SAMASTHITI SAMA EVEN – STHITI 2 Rivers running parallel to each other PHYSICHAL  CHARACTARISTICS CLOSED , Grounding UNIFIED, CONTAINER ( bringing all the parts coming together for the container to hold the content) PHYSIOLOGOCAL CHARACTARISTICS; CREATING SPACE WITHIN – BALANCED MENTAL CHARACTARISTICS Focused, attentive, one pointedness, many pointedness, mindfulness peaceful. EACH […]